Tips for Macro Photography at Home

In case you don’t feel like leaving home to shoot photos, try exploring the clutter of your living space to find interesting shots. Although it may not always be considered prime inspiration for photography, your home contains plenty of appealing angles and objects. Photographer Doug McKinlay describes how to photograph the inside of your house:

  • Be sure to work with a tripod for stability. You can also use a cable release to avoid interference from movement.
  • When you use a macro lens, there will be new shapes and patterns that are much more interesting close up. Shoot in RAW format for more flexibility while editing!
  • Spot metering helps you find highly accurate meter readings.
  • Your shutter speed can be as fast or slow, depending on the aperture that you use. Larger apertures will have more background blur and less depth of field. A smaller aperture results in less blur and greater depth of field.
  • In order to get everything in sharp focus from the foreground to the background, explore focus stacking.

The subjects are right in front of you every day, you just need to look at them from a different perspective and start shooting! In this video, McKinlay used a Canon EOS Mark III camera with a 100mm f/2.8 macro lens to capture his images.

tripod zoom aperture

“The whole point of this is to help you think out of the box so that when you’re out in the greater world, you can look at everything as a potential subject.”

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