Timelapse Photo Music Project Shows A Year’s Worth of Hair Growth

When UK based musical duo Colonel Dax went bald for a fundraiser campaigning for an increase in cancer research for men, women, and children, the artists quickly realized that they had stumbled onto a unique creative opportunity:

In the process of penning The Changing Man, a ballad on identity, commitment, and the passing of time, the two realized that they would inevitably go through some visible physical changes as their hair grew back. Upon noticing the juxtaposition in their appearance and the message behind their music, they concocted a fairly straightforward concept for a music video that captured the passing of time as they knew it.

The pair decided to devote an entire year to the endeavor. About two times a day, the couple sat down in front of their makeshift studio set up in the corner of their bedroom. Based on the time of year and the duration of the song, the two could calculate roughly where a specific day corresponded when divided over the music’s playtime; in their behind the scenes explanation of the music video, they explain that they’d sing a lyric of the song based on their estimates:

The end result? A beautifully choreographed timelapse simultaneously showcasing harmony and constant flux.

before and after

What’s more, the remarkable dedication has paid off tenfold in exposure for the musicians; as of February 2017, the viral music video has garnered over 100,000 views!

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