Timelapse of Northern Lights

Our planet is home to a wide variety of breathtaking natural phenomena. From volcanoes to eclipses, they’re all incredibly beautiful and make you pause and just think about the world around you. My personal favorite are the Northern Lights, captured in Richard Gottardo‘s video below:

The video pretty much speaks for itself. It’s one of those clips that you put on full screen, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Gottardo talks about how the process of making the video has taken him no less than two years, and it is composed of more than 6,500 photos taken over the Rockies in South Alberta, Canada.

screenshot of northern lights timelapse

Nature at its best.

What really impresses me the most about these videos, stitched together from thousands of individual pictures, is the fact that wherever you pause the video you get a stunning shot. Every frame is a beautiful picture, and you that makes the entire clip so much better.

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