Timelapse of 30 Days & 30 Nights in Queenstown, New Zealand

Any Lord of The Rings fan can tell you that New Zealand is one of earths visually stunning treasures. The dramatic landscapes and climbing terrain are perfect backdrops to any photograph. When photographer, Trey Ratcliff, decided to make the move to the Queenstown, he took the opportunity to get to know his new home from behind the camera. Sorting through tens of thousands of photographs he took over the course of 30 days, Ratcliff chose his favorites to create the following timelapse so that he could share his new surroundings with the rest of the world. Have a look:

Over 300 hours of work went into the film’s creation. The music is from my friend… one of the few people on earth that makes my heart beat a little faster than normal… Hans Zimmer.

photographs of new zealand

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3 responses to “Timelapse of 30 Days & 30 Nights in Queenstown, New Zealand”

  1. DeanH says:

    Erm, the title should read QueensTOWN not QueensLAND that’s in a whole different country

  2. Emma says:

    i believe it’s Queenstown…

  3. Vee says:

    This is great and beautiful!

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