Stunning Timelapse for the Holiday Season Captured Through a Snow Globe

Snow Globes easily remind us of Christmas season — and that was exactly what lead photographer Colin Mika used to create a modern Holiday Christmas Card commissioned by a law firm using time-lapse photography. This rather beautiful experience was named Around The Globe. And here is the kicker, all the effects were created in camera with no added VFX!

Should you be familiar with time-lapse photography, the process requires a thorough concentration and a planning expertise to make the imagery work at the end. “Around the Globe” is no exception, as it was shot in over two weeks in six different cities, including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Québec City, Montréal and London (England).

The equipment is also quite familiar, using a custom DSLR rig, with Macro and Tilt-Shift lenses, and Bokeh shapes to create this delicious, dramatic and Christmassy effect:

If your interested, here is the final version delivered to the client:

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2 responses to “Stunning Timelapse for the Holiday Season Captured Through a Snow Globe”

  1. whoa, that is amazing! Wonderful skill.

  2. Jean Cheeseman says:

    Hi, I am 80 this month and to see your emails I realise I have lost so many years.
    I have just purchased a globe and a macro lens so I am going to get going on my photograph, nothing like your timelapse, but just go out and take photos.

    Thank you for your wonderful newsletters

    Cheers Jean C

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