Incredible Timelapse Captures the Beauty of Los Angeles

Internationally acclaimed photographer Joe Capra has travelled to the most exotic, remote corners of the globe for the sake of his craft. Yet, in one of his latest short films, he proves that there’s a deep allure to more familiar sights as well. Behind the viewfinder of Capra’s camera, the City of Angels looks positively magical:

With the help of the Phase One XF IQ3 100 MP, Capra managed to record the natural and architectural prowess of the city in stunning detail. Thanks to a recent update in XF system, the Phase One is capable of shooting time lapses at 12k resolution without any sort of post processing enhancements. This allows for close up vignettes featuring rushing cars and scurrying crowds without any sacrifice in image quality.

beach timelapse

los angeles highway

LA beachfront detail

sunrise over LA skyline

Capra’s knack for composition, color, and form is only enhanced by the spectacular feats of his camera. In a perfect union of raw talent and state of the art technology, this remarkable video does an impeccable job of captivating even the most skeptical of viewers.

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