Beautiful Timelapse Photograph Sequences of Iceland

With gorgeous mountain ranges, volcanoes, raging seas and a crystal clear sky with regular auroral activity, Iceland is a dream location for any landscape photographer. Nicholas Buer took the opportunity to exhibit the immense beauty of the pristine “Land of Edda.” Several hours’ worth of timelapse images form this stunning video, tracking the flow of days and nights in Iceland:

While words can’t fully describe the natural beauty of this land, these timelapse images certainly do it justice. Nicholas not only captured the movement of the skies, seas, waterfalls and plants over time, he made the timelapse more dynamic by moving the camera in equal intervals. The movement was controlled by a Dynamic Perception┬árig. Once the timelapse images were made into video, the effect of the camera movement makes viewers feel even more like they are really there.

Nicholas Buer Iceland time-lapse landscape photography

The auroras of Iceland by be its most striking feature. Being situated so close to the north pole, Iceland’s night sky is often glowing with the Northern Lights. These auroras give subtle yet glorious lighting to the land, perfectly accenting all varieties of landscape.

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