Time-lapse of a Pregnancy: Creative Photography Project

We have seen a plethora of timelapse videos surface on the interwebs lately, covering an almost endless array of events ranging from stars and auroras to a man walking clear across the United States. As it racked up over 7 million views in the first 10 days of its posting, the world became enamored with a timelapse video documenting an entire nine-month long pregnancy. Watch “Introducing” below and help welcome Amelie Amaya into the world!

Presumably using thousands of still photographs, an expecting couple kept photographic tabs on the expanding stomach of the mother-to-be. The nine-month span experienced in the video appears seamless, thanks to the couple’s attention to detail to things such as clothing and location which, undoubtedly helped this timelapse go viral.

time lapse of a pregnancy

Time-lapse of a Pregnancy

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