This Post-Apocalyptic Photo Project Was Shot in a Brooklyn Apartment

If you’re the type of photographer who likes shooting entire scenes, you’re probably well-accustomed to the hunt for anything interesting and unusual. But not everyone is into going out and hunting for the perfect shot, especially when it has to do with a future that hasn’t quite arrived. That’s where master scene creators Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber come in. Instead of seeking out the perfect place to photograph their post-apocalyptic photo series, they turned their living room into a shop and meticulously created every detail by hand:

Specializing in creating and photographing miniature dioramas, Nix and Gerber’s work has found its way onto numerous book and album covers, as well as being used in numerous magazines. The series captured here is a personal project set in a post-apocalyptic landscape called The City. Each scene was built in their living room, with all of the miniature components meticulously created by hand. For example, every book in the scene below was individually created for use in this scene:

Trees growing into a library

Nature taking back what once was ruled by humankind

While creating stunning scenery by hand is by no means new, very few people go to the lengths that Nix and Gerber do to create their shots. The components of their dioramas take up their entire living room and their work table doubles as their dining table. Still, this is how the duo prefers it. In Gerber’s words,

“If I had to go somewhere, I don’t think I’d see it as satisfying.”

Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber

Post-apocalyptic scenarios aren’t the only subjects Nix and Gerber create; they actually got their start creating the scenes for a an advertorial video for Portland’s first sustainable sushi restaurant. After that, they went on to illustrate stories, create advertisements for the likes of Ben and Jerry’s, and design a cover for Time magazine—all from the comfort of their Brooklyn apartment.

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