These Adrenaline Pumping Photos Will Make Your Heart Race

Blink and you’ll miss it! This week we found some of the most breathtaking, adrenaline pumping scenes. If you’re into motocross, parkour, kite surfing, paragliding, rock climbing, sky diving, or any other extreme sport, you’re gonna enjoy this!

roofer, extreme, sport

photo by Opticoverload

downhill, extreme, sport

photo by Felix Meyer

cliff, jumping, extreme, sports, mountain

photo by Andy Spearing

supercross, extreme, sport, motor

photo by Barry Shaffer

parachuting, extreme, sport, sky

photo by Tom Allender

bmx, extreme, sport, bike

photo by Arpad Ikuma

paragliding, extreme, sport

photo by texaus1

skateboarding, extreme, sport

photo by soleir

If you enjoyed these, check out Scott Markewitz’s tips for shooting extreme sports.

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