The Vision Driven Photographer eBook

vision driven photographer ebook

Vision Driven Photographer eBook

The Vision Driven Photographer, Notes on Discovering & Refining Your Vision by David duChemin is an engaging and inspiring ebook focused on helping photographers of all levels make stronger photographs by identifying or re-discovering their photographic vision.

Why does vision matter? It results in images that better express what we want to say, and those are the images that are the most personal, the most gratifying, and the most compelling to the people who will look at our photographs. And for most of us, that’s the whole point.

By clarifying the things you want to say you’re better able to wield the tool of your expression – your camera – to create photographs that say what you want to say, and move others. Working through these insights and the accompanying creative exercises will help you uncover or re-discover your vision, first personally, then photographically.

David duChemin is a world & humanitarian photographer, best-selling author, and international workshop leader. When he is not writing, he travels the world on international photography assignments.

vision photographer ebook

Pages from Vision Driven Photographer

The Vision Driven Photographer is 24 spreads of insights, detailed photo examples, and exercises that will inspire and help you develop your own technique.

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