The Process of a Photographer

The process of creating a photograph is different for every photographer and hearing those different stories can be a great source of inspiration. Below, you can watch a visual telling of how fine art photographer, Jessica Backhaus, uses her imagination and obsession with light as the driving forces behind her work. Join along as she wanders the street with camera in hand and discusses her development as a photographer:

“I always like to use the light that is available…Light brings life to your photograph. You need light and shadow, it gives it a scultpure feeling, it gives you perspective.”

fine art photographyphotography process

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2 responses to “The Process of a Photographer”

  1. Sam Cox says:

    I like this little video very much! I am inspired and moved by Jessica’s work and her love of it!

  2. stephen a. crawford says:

    It is so wonderful, to see your work, and identity so closely with your views on doing this photography.
    The things you see and photograph are exactly what has moved me for the last 50 years,
    when I was young people would say why did you take a picture of that,
    well I thought it looked interesting,
    later in life my wife would wonder,
    why is he shooting in that way at that object,
    then she would see the image and say
    I would have never guessed that kind of beauty could be in that , but I see it now .

    So in my journey s with the camera I have seen and photographed many amazing thing’s around me, and like you I did not have to travel to some exotic place to capture the image’s.
    I just found them, or they were already there for me to experience. And or photograph in some new and different way.

    Thank you so very much for sharing.


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