The Modeling Industry & the Power of “Image”

Many of us view models as superficial and overconfident. And why wouldn’t we? They’re beautiful, they have very few real life skills, and yet they make a better living than most of us just because of the way they look. Even Cameron Russell, whose been modeling for ten years, would agree with the latter. But she would argue with the former. In this video, Russell gives an honest, down-to-earth talk about what image is and how it can unfairly affect people:

Russell’s talk really changes the way that one looks at models. We assume that they are all happy with their life and confident in everything they do, but in reality they are just as insecure(if not more) as the rest of us. They may receive a lot of benefits, but if the benefits are unjust, they are still viewed as such and lessen the good feelings that one would usually gain from such benefits.

“I got these free things because of how I look, not who I am, and there are there are people paying a cost for how they look and not who they are.”

modeling image

Two photos of the same model on the same day

“The thing that we never say on camera, that I’ve never said on camera, is I am insecure. And I’m insecure because I have to think about what I look like everyday.”

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