The Essentials of Street Photography

Have you been wanting to learn more about the technical and conceptual aspects of Street Photography? This 141 page eBook covers everything about the genre even down to specific post processing techniques that can bring the best out of street scenes (& includes a bonus eBook of interviews). Found here: Essentials of Street Photography

essentials street photography

Essentials of Street Photography eBook

Street photography is a broad subject with many different opinions, styles and techniques involved. Telephoto lenses, wide-angle lenses, manual focusing or auto; some people swear by certain techniques while others disavow them. The goal of this book is to take a well-rounded approach to the study of street photography, focusing on both the equipment settings and technical concepts that are involved in the craft along with the process of editing our work.

Topics Covered:

  • Part 1: concepts of street photography
  • Chapter 1: How to Get Over Your Fear of Street Photography
  • Chapter 2: The Meaning of Street Photography
  • Chapter 3: What Makes a Great Street Photograph?
  • Chapter 4: Shooting What You Know
  • Chapter 5: Expression, Gesture, and Photographing People
  • Chapter 6: Themes and Projects
  • Chapter 7: Planning a Shot
  • Chapter 8: Candid vs. Posed
  • Chapter 9: Street Portraits
  • Chapter 10: Capturing Your Surroundings
  • Chapter 11: Ethics and Laws
  • Part 2: technical issues
  • Chapter 12: Gear
  • Chapter 13: Camera Settings
  • Chapter 14: How to Focus
  • Chapter 15: Blur
  • Chapter 16: Shooting From the Hip
  • Chapter 17: How to Hold the Camera
  • Chapter 18: Zoom vs. Prime
  • Chapter 19: Perspective and Framing
  • Chapter 20: Light
  • Chapter 21: Capturing the Moment
  • Chapter 22: Looking Inconspicuous
  • Chapter 23: Street Photography at Night
street photography

Pages from Essentials of Street Photography (Click to See More)

  • Part 3: editing
  • Chapter 26: Organization and How to Pick Your Best Shots
  • Chapter 27: Post Processing
  • Chapter 28: Color or Black and White
  • Chapter 29: Grain and Sharpness
  • Chapter 30: Color Correction and Printing
  • Chapter 31: Writing About Your Work
  • Chapter 32: Like a Fine Wine
  • Chapter 33: The Internet
  • Exercises to help retain concepts
  • Websites and Street Photography Resources to Remember

“There are the formal elements that can be used to define the street photograph: the mysterious decisive moment that is shown in context; the use of juxtaposed elements to form a new synthesis that is unusual, although the juxtaposed elements may be ordinary; the desire to let the scene play without disturbing it; and most of all, the desire to experience and communicate the surprise that the photographer feels in the frame, which is pointed at the world of human beings and their creations.”

How to Get a Copy:

The guide comes in PDF format that can be read on computers, phones and most tablet computers. It also carries a 2 month guarantee, if you do not find the book useful just let them know to receive a full refund. So there is nothing to lose in trying it.

Found here: The Essentials of Street Photography

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  1. Nathan says:

    The main key to street photography is to be open and observant.

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