The Creativity Field Guide for Photographers

This new eBook is designed to deliver over 100 ideas, images and sources of inspiration to take your photography to new heights. Found here: The Creativity Field Guide

creativity field guide

The Creativity Field Guide for Photographers (Click to Learn More)

“Over the past year, we’ve done a lot of head scratching and chin-in-hand pondering, thinking of ways to get creative with photography. This little book is the result of our efforts.”

How to use this guide:

  • Big Ideas: The titles at the top of a page will di- rect you to the big ideas in the book.
  • Variations: Variations provide a twist on the main idea. Look for the smaller “variation” heading below a big idea. Like the big ideas, they’ll be in red or white.
  • Inspirational Explorers: Inspirational explorers are photog- raphers whose work helps illustrate a particular big idea or variation. Look for the blue boxes with the white “inspirational explorers” titles, then follow the links to get inspired.
  • Field Trip: Field trips direct you to particular spaces (like galleries or libraries) to help get your creative juices flowing. Look for the yellow, tent icon and the green “field Trip” title.

This book has some navigation features designed to make it easier for you to find the information you’re looking for. You’ll also find that the Table of Contents is fully linked, and is a great way to navigate around the book.

Some of the many topics covered (95 pages):

  • Experiment with Scale
  • Create a Travelling Camera
  • Two in One
  • Explore a New Vantage Point
  • Explore a Word Visually
  • Become a Historian of Now
  • Pull Out Your Paint Swatches
  • Go On a Two-Camera Photo Walk
  • Find Stuff in Other Stuff
  • Limit Yourself
  • Pair Images in New Ways
  • Create a Rainbow
  • Find Frames
  • Move Yourself
  • Play Visual Tricks
  • Go On a Scavenger Hunt
  • Explore the Unknown
  • Merge
  • Field Trip: Head to a Gallery or Museum
  • Think Long Term
  • Borrow From the Movies
  • Experiment with Motion Blur
  • Visualize a Photograph
  • Trade Places with a Toaster
  • Shoot Through Windows
  • Cover Up
  • Create a Colour Wheel
  • Make a Time-Stack Image
  • Disorient with Depth and Space
  • Mirror, Mirror
  • Take ‘Disposable’ to Heart
  • 100 Ways to Capture One Thing
  • Field Trip: Head to the Library
  • Document Family & Friends
  • Find Shapes in a Scene
  • Create a Portrait (or Portrait Series) in Your Home
  • Roll Down Your Window: Part 1
  • Roll Down Your Window: Part 2
  • Just the Details
  • “Don’t Smile”
  • Shoot Components Parts
  • Tell a Story in Just a Few Frames
pages from the creativity field guide

Pages from The Creativity Field Guide (Click to See More)

  • Start an Image Collection
  • Obscure Identifying Features in a Portrait
  • Collect Characters
  • Get Creative with Light
  • Modify Window Light
  • Play with White Balance
  • Field Trip: Take a Walk
  • Repeat a Shot with Different Light
  • Find Beauty in the Ordinary
  • Crowdsource Perspective
  • Recreate Other Forms of Art
  • Field Trip: Specialize in Something New
  • The View from the Park Bench
  • Create a Modified Panoramic Shot
  • Time Travel
  • Forget to Focus
  • Mimic a Fisheye Lens
  • Make Somethings from Your Photographs
  • Shake Things Up
  • Try New Print Materials
  • Seek Strong Lines
  • Create a Collage
  • Hid the Horizon
  • Start a 365 Project

“You’ll find yourself playing dress-up, destroying (disposable) cameras, taking field trips that have you seeing art and photography in new ways, modifying light with colour and texture, collecting photos of crazy stuff like puddles and hair colours, creating physical stuff from your images, and way, way more. All in the name of taking your photography to new heights!” -Rob & Lauren Lim

How to Get a Copy:

It also carries a 60 day no-questions-asked guarantee, if you are not satisfied with any part of the book just let them know and they will give you a full refund so there is no risk in trying it.

Found here: The Creativity Field Guide for Photographers

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