The Brilliant Colors of Autumn Photography in 10 Photos

Autumn holds a unique window of opportunities for photographers – vibrant colors can transform an otherwise mundane scene into a blanket of red, yellow, and orange hues. Take a look at this little collection for inspiration!


photo by Michael


photo by John Kunze


photo by Oisin


photo by Lorinda Ray


photo by pointseeker


photo by Steve Barr

The autumn season is too short to afford a missed photo opportunity. Clouds, sun, day, night – you can always find a stunning composition to capture. Check out some tips for photographing autumn colors and then take your camera and go outside. Don’t waste it!

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One response to “The Brilliant Colors of Autumn Photography in 10 Photos”

  1. PatG says:

    Everyone talks about the reds, oranges and yellows but if you look at a photograph like #1 for example you can see that it is really the dark branches and the green leaves and green grass which make the picture and allow the other colours to shine. In photos where there are no cool colours for contrast the warm colours fail to pop the way they do in that first photograph. Wonderful composition to my eye. Thanks for the treat!

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