The Best Halloween Costume Ever for Photographers

Halloween brings costumes of all shapes and sizes, but Florida photographer Bryan Troll was determined to create something absolutely unique when he began contemplating this holiday season’s ensemble. Using cardboard, plexiglass, rubber cement, and other easily accessible household items, Troll spent over 40 hours transforming himself into his beloved Nikon camera:

Working DSLR camera costume

Creating the semblance of a camera wasn’t enough to satisfy Troll. To really impress his fellow masqueraders, he equipped himself with a working speed light as well as a large LCD screen to show images in real time.

By fitting his actual camera inside of his costume, Troll recorded stunned party goers and trick or treaters alike as they admired his craftsmanship and shared an evening of fun and frights together. Though he may not have had the scariest disguise of the night, the memories he managed to capture are sure to last a lifetime!

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