The 5 Most Annoying Kinds of Photographers

How often have you complained of being pestered by the Copy Cat or the Chatty Cathy or the Gear Nerd? These types of photographers and can make life a living hell for serious photographers. The video below is a light-hearted attempt at demonstrating five stereotypical (and annoying) types of photographers by Tony and Chelsea Northrup:

1. The Copy Cat

On one side there is the perfectionist photographer, who takes a lot of care before making a shot. He spends time scouting out the right location and the right light. Then sets up his/her equipment, measures the light, locks focus, and presses down the shutter release in a precise well-rehearsed motion.

On the other side is the annoying Copy Cat, who does none of this, but just cannibalizes on the work of the perfectionist by getting the same composition.

copycat photographers

The Copy Cat

2. The Chatty Cathy

This type of photographer is comparatively less harmless—that is if you can stick some cotton balls in your ears. Introducing the Chatty Cathy, a photographer chatterbox who can babble continuously with no punctuation, seamlessly transitioning from one bizarre topic to another mundane one while being completely oblivious of what’s around. The best way to tackle one? Work on an escape plan.

photographer talks too much

The Chatty Cathy

3. The Gear Nerd

I bet you have seen a Gear Nerd before. The photographer who seems to have every piece of photography gear he owns strapped on to his or her body. Well if ever there was an example of “I need everything here” in photography – this is it. Unfortunately, with these photographers, mobility and flexibility are an issue.

annoying photographer with gear

The Gear Nerd

4. The Photography Widow

There is a dark side of marrying somebody who has a penchant for photography. Often when you’re talking about your relationship, your significant other is more interested in something despicable. While you’re enjoying the moment, a beautiful sunset, on a lonely walk, your partner is more focused on a bird some 100 yards away. If you go as far as to question the judgement of buying an expensive piece of gear or to the prudence of turning in early to edit images, you’re just playing out your role as a Photography Widow without even realizing it.

married to a photographer

The Photography Widow

5. The Teacher

Oh the proverbial teacher! The one who will chase you down while you’re unsuspectingly making images. The ones who will pounce on you to pass on unsolicited advice to the point you start to feel that your knowledge of photography is a big zero. They may even try to sell their book to you!

annoying photographer advice

The Teacher

Have you met one these prowlers? Or, if you dare, are you one of them?

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