Taking Light Painting Photography to the Next Level

German born photographer Jan Leonardo Wöllert uses light art performance to create the unique look that has made him famous overseas. This form of photography uses carefully choreographed light painting to create visual stunning images. In this video from German TV channel DW, we see Jan at work:

Using timed exposures, Jan uses both pyrotechnics and LED lights to create his images, but it’s not just the lighting that’s important; the location plays a vital part as well, the environment being an important element in the final composition.

firewords lighting painting photo

Traveling all over Europe, Jan searches for ideal locations for his nocturnal shoots. The film follows him as he sets up a shoot in a derelict hospital outside Berlin. He scouts the chosen location carefully, looking for areas that may cause exposure and flare problems when he shoots.

Once ready for the shoot, Jan carries out carefully choreographed moves holding either the pyrotechnics or LED lights. The moves require an extreme degree of both co-ordination and physical fitness and he carries out a rigorous program of specialist training to be in the right shape for his shoots.

light painting tricks

Interestingly, Jan does not carry out any digital manipulation to his images, preferring to allow the unique effects of the moving light define his images.

Jan’s unique style is in high demand and he has worked for blue chip clients such as Diesel and Nike as well as a number of rock bands.

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  1. How about light painting with fire and high powered sports cars?

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