Sunrise Photography Tips for Beginners

Newbies in the world of photography always prioritize taking snapshots of sunsets. But photographing sunrises is just as rewarding. No album is complete without this glorious scene of the morning. Capturing the rising sun on photograph is fairly easy because it happens every single day. However, in terms of coming up with a masterpiece, it’s a different story. Practice is essential to hone one’s skills.

beginner photography tips for sunrise photos

Photo by whitehart1882

For this task, you need a decent camera with some very important features. Some features that can come very handy are varying focal lengths and exposure. Then you also need a tripod or a sturdy flat surface where you will place your camera, if necessary. Of course it’s also important that you have some basic photography knowledge, such as composing, framing the subject, and others.

Do your research first before heading out to take photos. The day before, consider taking a look at the weather forecast. You don’t want to wake up early the next day only to find out that the sky is cloudy. Likewise, get on the spot ahead before the sun actually rises. This is because you will have to spend some time looking for the perfect spot or vantage point.

Some of the most challenging parts of this kind of photography are composing and framing the subject. If the sky alone is dramatic enough, leaving out the horizon or any foreground is possible. If not, it’s best to include other objects in the frame to make the shot look more interesting. For this, you need to rely on your creativity. You may go for mountains, houses, church spires, trees, people and others.

One interesting way of adding drama to the shot is by including silhouettes. To make sure that the foreground object remains dark, take a light meter reading of the sky, and not of the foreground object. Choose well-defined objects or shapes out of the ordinary. When placed correctly, they can complete the picture and make the composition more interesting to look at.

Never be satisfied with one shot alone. Make the most out of the sunrise by taking several different shots and compositions. Speaking of composition, it’s best that you become familiar with the spot before actually taking sunrise photographs. You don’t want to be frustrated by buildings, electric posts, and other structures that get in the way. That is, unless you wish to make them part of the composition. That’s why it’s important to visit the spot at least a day before.

Going to the spot early on will let you look for ways to make your snapshots look out of the ordinary. Look for locations or angles that can make the photograph look more appealing and interesting. Stay away from vantage points that make the sunrise look average. Even if it’s the most beautiful sunrise that has ever existed, it counts to nothing if you don’t know how to capture it well.

With enough preparation, photographing sunrises can become an easy and rewarding task. If you fail to come up with a masterpiece, don’t get discouraged. As with anything else, practice makes perfect. In due time, you’ll realize your strengths in photography and learn how to use them to your advantage.

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Jonathan Chan (bestcamera-reviews) is an avid amateur photographer and loves taking photos of all types.

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