Stunning Hyperlapse Photography of European Landmarks at Night

Luke Shepard traveled throughout 21 European countries, including 36 cities, to capture timelapse images of European architecture in a nighttime environment. After three months of travel and time spent editing over 20,000 images, Shepard released his hyperlapse short entitled Nightvision, in which he showcases 27 timelapse sequences of the 47 he captured during his trip through Europe. The landmarks he captured demonstrate hundreds of years of architecture and cultural diversity surrounded by present-day nightlife:

Nightvision is intended to “inspire appreciation for these man-made landmarks,” and it does this well. It is awe-inspiring to be able to view architecture built hundreds of years ago in the light of the 21 century, and alongside architecture built much more recently. Each landmark contrasts the next, showing the diversity of time periods and/or culture. The landmarks are encompassed by the bustle of city life and the light-trails from cars passing by. The people and cars are not the only things moving around the structures; the camera is also moving at all times. This movement helps showcase the stillness of each landmark.

Luke Shepard Nightvision timelapse European landmarks architecture

 “Nightvision is a celebration of the brilliance and diversity of architecture found across Europe.”

Luke Shepard Nightvision timelapse European landmarks architecture

The images in Nightvision were captured using a Canon 5D Mark III and a variety of lenses including a Canon 8-15mm Fisheye f/4 lens and a Canon 24-105mm f/4 lens. The timelapse was edited using Adobe Bridge, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.


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3 responses to “Stunning Hyperlapse Photography of European Landmarks at Night”

  1. These are awesome! Landmarks captured at night time are always a pleasant sight to see. I guess it took a lot of experience and skills to be able to capture perfect photos like the ones featured here. I wish i can take nice photos too.

  2. Mike Augeri says:

    “Nightvision” is a beautiful piece of artwork. The only problem is that the sites aren’t identified. I recognized some, but many were unknown to me.

  3. Amazingly stunning. Any ides or insight into how he did the movement? Was he setting up and moving around a track, etc?

    Here are the ones I was able to identify. Still missing a few. Anyone else know the rest?

    1. Berlin – Brandenburger Tor (Gate)
    2. Paris – Arc de Triomphe
    3. ?
    4. Brussels – Atomium
    5. London – Big Ben
    6. ?
    7. Rome, Italy – Trevi Fountain
    8. ?
    9. Valencia, Spain
    10. Berlin, Germany – Berliner Dom Cathedral Church
    11. Bilboa, Spain – Guggenheim Museam
    12. Koln, Germany – Köln Cathedral
    13. Budapest, Hungary – Parliament Building
    14. ?
    15. London, England – The Shard
    16. Berlin, Germany – Radio Tower in Background
    17. Istanbul, Turkey – Blue Mosque
    18. Sofia, Bulgaria – Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
    19. London, England – Tower Bridge
    20. Prague, Czech Republic – Clock Tower
    21. Zurich, Switzerland – Fraumuenster Church
    22. Valencia, Spain again
    23. Brussels, Belgium – Town Hall
    24. Budapest, Hungary?
    25. Barcelona, Spain – Sagrada Família
    26. Rome, Italy – The Colosseum
    27. ?

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