Stop Motion Short Takes You on an Adventure Through Old Photographs

We’ve seen a lot of stop motion productions, but rarely do we see one that incorporates such a unique technique like the one below. In “Paper Memories,” writer and director Theo Putzu experimented with putting a video inside of a video. The clip, which chronicles the memories of an elderly man, is a heartwarming story made possible by creative photography:

Using a Canon 450D, Putzu, captured 4000 frames and joined them together to create the seven-minute film using stop motion. In the still below we see one of the scenes in which the technique is doubled up. The woman in the photograph is put to motion using stop motion while the man holding the photograph is also portrayed via stop motion.

timelapse photography

The ingenious direction and concept of the film undoubtedly took Putzu a great deal of time and dedication. The execution of the project is on point, leaving no questions as to why the film has won 50 awards and prizes in competitions taking place all over the world.

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One response to “Stop Motion Short Takes You on an Adventure Through Old Photographs”

  1. Poetic and always moving, I like it very much. I see the man on a quest to find this woman who is every elusive until one day he merges with the photo to be with the woman. Very nice story.

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