Speed Posing Secrets for Photographing Couples

Wedding photographers are invariably constrained to time. Having some sort of an idea in your head as to what exactly you need to do can help immensely. Photographer Vanessa Joy shares some invaluable tips on posing a couple to get the shots you need—in a hurry:

Get the Traditional Shots First

The traditional pose is what a lot of parents want for their children. So, even if formal shots don’t quite reflect your style of shooting, you may be forced to get a few of them. Pose your clients as fast as you can and get those out of the way before you move on to more creative poses.

speed posing tips for couples

More Yourself Rather Than Moving the Couple

If the light is good and your clients are in the perfect spot, don’t try to change anything. Just run circles around them to get a variety of perspectives and zooms.

speed posing tips for couples

tips on photographing couples

how to pose couples

Capture details on the dress and the rings, and capture subtle emotions.

Use a Longer Lens

Switch to a longer lens and split up the couple. You’ve been shooting them together thus far. Now’s the time to separate them and capture a different composition.

how to quickly shoot couple shots

The longer lens is also perfect for shooting close couple shots from a slightly more favorable distance.

posing for wedding couple shots

There you have it. Just a simple three step process that takes you only a few minutes but gets you a ton of beautiful images.

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