Skateboard Photographer’s Goal to Take Photos All Over the World

Bringing your other interests to your photography can create a niche that makes your work stand out from the masses. Jonathan Mehring of Skateboarder Magazine has combined his love of photography with his passion for skateboarding and travel to sculpt out a unique career for himself. One of his goals is to bring skateboarding to cultures that may have never seen a skateboard before, and he talks about carrying out this mission in the following video:

Mehring travels all over the world with his skateboard and his Nikon D3 looking for new places to skate, paying close attention to finding interesting texture and scenery that is different from anything he has seen elsewhere. Going out and experiencing the world is personally fulfilling, but it also brings awe-inspiring imagery to Skateboarder Magazine.



Of course, not everyone has the lifestyle or financial means to travel abroad frequently, but that doesn’t need to be a barrier to exploring new places. Mehring says that one of the best trips he’s ever taken was within the United States, where he and his crew found natural landscapes to skate in Utah. Even domestic trips can become adventures. The important thing is to keep looking for new experiences.


This type of satisfying work requires a photographer to be self-motivated. Mehring emphasizes the need for photographers to create their own projects. No editor has asked him to pack up his board and go to a remote locale. He makes his own plans and takes great images that work for his publication. With a mix of creativity and hard work, that personal project of yours could become your dream career.

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