Simple and Cheap DIY GoPro Flotation Device

GoPro cameras are awesome for adventurers (and just about anyone on the go), but the thing about adventures is that things happen. And though it may not be likely that your wonder camera will be eaten by a fox, it’s actually quite easy to drop it while filming underwater, and if that’s in the ocean, well, there goes your camera. You can buy a device called a “bobber” to keep this from happening, but if you’re traveling by backpack that could be a bit bulky. Wanting to save both space and money (and NOT lose their GoPro to the watery depths), the folks at Wandering Designers created a simple, inexpensive fix:

 What You Need

The masterful fix consists of just a few parts, all totaling less than $8:

How it Works

The empty soda bottle serves as a flotation device; all you need to do is attach the GoPro to the bottle. The magic lies in the Sugru, a self-setting rubber that can be formed by hand and turns into a strong, flexible, waterproof silicone overnight. (Via PetaPixel)

And for all those backpackers out there on a budget, you spend next to nothing while keeping the load light; all you need to fit into your pack is the bottle cap and the tripod adapter. You can find 1 liter soda bottles all over the world, so there’s no need to take a big, bulky flotation device.

DIY Floation Device for the Go Pro Camera


What other GoPro tricks have you discovered?

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