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As a photographer, you’ll know how much luck is involved in finding dramatic skies. What if you didn’t have to leave it up to luck to capture frame-worthy shots? This new 172-page eBook shows you how to capture 30 types of stunning sky photos. Tutorials on storms, lightning, reflections, sunsets, the Milky Way, and more. It is currently 80% off today for the first 500 customers if you want to check it out. Launch sale found here: Shooting Skies Photography Guide at 80% Off

shooting skies

Shooting Skies Tutorial eBook (see inside)

You have probably taken hundreds of photos of the sky… but how many of them are good enough to print?

5 Chapters for 30 Stunning Sky Photographs

Chapter 1. Clouds – 4 Projects

Most photographers know that in order to have a beautiful sunset, you need clouds…

But did you know that the results highly depend upon the type of cloud, and how high they float?

From wispy clouds to dramatic Mammatus clouds, the guide shows you how to capture all shapes and sizes.

Chapter 2. Colours – 6 Projects

Colour is a big part of the author’s signature style, and it’s easier to find than you might think…

It all comes down to the precious blue hour and golden hour. That’s when you’ll see the colour in the sky transform.

The author has some handy tips on how to capture powerful colours. Then contrast them with interesting textures for dramatic results.

Chapter 3. Storms – 5 Projects

Shoot meaningful and majestic images by capturing the true scale of a storm in a single shot.

These pictures look like they belong in a Hollywood movie. And often require complex settings to capture fully.

The guide walks you through settings and techniques to capture storms during the day and night.

sky photography

Some of the images from the tutorials (see more within)

Chapter 4. Reflections – 5 Projects

Reflections are one of my favourite things to shoot because they can be shot anywhere, any time.

You don’t even need a lake or a river… a simple puddle can do the job!

The reflections also result in interesting symmetry which is often so hard to find in nature.

From sunrise shots along a river to ducks at the lake… tutorials cover reflection in detail.

Chapter 5. Night – 10 Projects

You may be surprised to learn that you don’t need any specialised gear for night photography.

Whether you’re shooting the Northern Lights, the Milky Way, star trails, or a moonlit scene… all you need is a wide-angle lens and a tripod.

Planning is much more important. The author goes into detail on the time of night, month, and year, as well as weather, and location scouting.

30 Printable “Notes From The Field” for Sky Photography

They wanted to make the process of capturing stunning sky photography as easy as possible.

So the author worked with a design team to create “Notes From The Field” for each image:

sky photography sheets

Sky Photography Cheat Sheets (see more)

Styled like his own hand-written notes, they share everything you need to capture each image.

The process is simple:

  1. Read through the detailed instructions in the ebook
  2. Print the “Note From The Field” cheat sheet
  3. Scout the location, check the weather, and find the perfect time of day
  4. Follow the four powerful composition tips to make your images pop
  5. Replicate the camera settings and SHOOT

The “Notes From the Field” show you exactly how to recreate each image.

Whether you’re a Landscape Photography or a Nature Enthusiast… these cheat sheets make the process easy.

How to Get Shooting Skies for a Discount Today:

Shooting Skies is currently 80% off for the launch sale for the first 500 customers (normally $199, currently $39). They have also thrown in 30 bonus cheat sheets, 3 bonus photo editing tutorials, a camera setting booklet, and milky way cheat sheets. It all comes with an impressive 90 day happiness guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it.

Launch sale ending soon: Shooting Skies Photo Guide & Cheat Sheets at 80% Off

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