Seeing the Light E-Book Preview and Review

seeing the light ebook

"Seeing The Light" (Click to Learn More)

Travel and documentary photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich has constructed an excellent E-book to help you use light effectively in your photography work. The book is called Seeing the Light and it has been attracting attention all over the photography world.

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Kanashkevich is represented by Getty images and his photos are often featured in major publications. This is definitely a book you should consider acquiring for reference as it can help you take advantage of virtually any lighting situation. I now have a copy that I enjoy referring to from time to time.

Kanashkevich says, “I’m a travel/documentary photographer whose focus always revolves around people and real life. I’m always on the move and I don’t have the man/womanpower, nor the time, nor the space in my bags for a complicated lighting setup. Nevertheless, I place tremendous value on the aesthetic appeal of my images and to me, light is inseparable from the subject matter, it’s as important as the person in the image.”

The aim of this eBook is to expose photographers to some of these opportunities through examples, detailed descriptions and diagrams of setups from my own photographic experiences. Essentially, the eBook is of those who find themselves in the same situation as me – on the move, with a need to stay compact and in love with light.

seeing the light book

Sample Lighting Situation from "Seeing the Light" (Click to Learn More)

eBook Structure

• The eBook is broken up into three sections: Flash, Reflector Light and Natural Light. I’ve purposely placed them in this order, from types of light which are easiest to manage, to those which are the hardest.

• I feel that looking at real-life examples is the best way to learn and so I have included multiple images, descriptions and diagrams, which deconstruct particular lighting scenarios.

• The camera settings, as well as lenses used are listed for every image and where applicable, the flash or reflector information is also provided (look in the grey boxes next to the diagrams).

Light diagrams are laid out in this book to help you see each situation clearly. Light from the different light sources is represented in different ways. Light from the flash progresses in a precise flow and it goes from strong near the flash to weak away from it, thus it is represented accordingly. Reflector light is not so precise and so, I have simply represented the patch of light which I am trying to reflect and the approximate patch of light which I am reflecting at the subject. Natural light is represented by dotted lines.

seeing the light diagrams

Light Diagram Samples from "Seeing the Light" (Click to Learn More)

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With the discount, there is no doubt that this book is worth the money – Get the Book Here

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