Seascape Photography Guide Bundle

Seascapes make an excellent learning ground where diverse techniques can be practiced and mastered.┬áThis new series of e-books has been written to teach you everything you need to know to start taking marvelous seascapes – from the most basic and hassle-free techniques, through to the most complex and demanding contemporary disciplines at the cutting edge of our art and craft.

seascape photography guide

In-depth Seascape Photography Guide

For landscape photographers, places where the oceans meet the land are an absolute wealth of opportunity. The combination of weather, tides, seasons and the huge diversity of habitat and details is almost unsurpassed by any other environment.

Maritime climates are usually dynamic, and the rhythm of the tides and the passing clouds make it relatively straightforward to create images bursting with energy and flow.

Topics Covered (33&87 Pages):

  • Introduction
  • The Creative Cycle (Vision, Technique, Processing)
  • Equipment
  • Vision
  • Inspiration & Style
  • Learning to See
  • Subjects & Stimulation
  • Colours, Shapes & Patterns
  • The Camera Eye
  • Vision Summary
  • Composition
  • Organisation & Clarity
  • Rules & Guidelines
  • Aspect Ratios
  • Lines & Curves
  • Flow
  • Balance & Visual Weight
  • Abstraction, Intimacy & Minimalism
  • Composition – Summary
  • Creative Vision
  • Visualization
  • Creative Vision Case Study
seascape composition

Pages from the Seascape Vision & Composition Guide

Seascape Photography is not a linear process; we can be thinking about a final image and how it may look long before we take our camera out of the bag. Assessments of Exposure and Depth of Field are disciplines we should be considering right at the beginning in our Visualization phase.

“Photography is a marriage of art and craft, and it is our familiarity with the techniques and mechanics of photography that allow us to relax and be artistically expressive.” -Author Alister Benn

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2 responses to “Seascape Photography Guide Bundle”

  1. Connie says:

    Just had a moment to click through the pages of these new books and would like to be on my way to the beach. They look very helpful and full of good information that will be useful in all areas of photography. Thanks for the great discount.

  2. Crunch Hardtack says:

    It would be nice if some actual sample pages could be shown or downloaded to see if one would wish to purchase it. As is, I can’t justify buying this bundle without first “feeling the fabric” so to speak.

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