Running Shoe Photography Ad Campaign in New Zealand

Commercial photo shoots can be really creative and also a lot of fun, especially when you get to do them in beautiful locations like New Zealand. Just ask photographer Kevin Winzeler, who was assigned to shoot a campaign for the Altra running shoe there. Better yet, take a look at the behind the scenes footage Winzeler was not only thoughtful enough to take, but also kind enough to share with us. The views are stunning and Winzeler’s photographs make it all the more majestic:

Here’s a little sampling of the running shoe campaign through Winzeler’s lens:

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“When I go out on a shoot I’m on location in these gorgeous places. My job is to communicate a story in one image, a single frame. Then to collaborate with an incredible  talent and crew to make that happen, who work extremely long hours, and coming away from all that achieving the results you set out to from the beginning is absolutely rewarding and incredible.”

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  1. woshy says:

    where do i get a pair?

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