Pursuit: A Storm Chaser’s Amazing Photography Timelapse

Photographer Mike Olbinski spends most of his days shooting weddings and portrait sessions. But when spring comes around, you’re likely find him chasing after a very different subject.

Pursuit is a short film compiled of footage he made across 10 states and 28,000 miles over the course of 27 days during the peak of storm chasing season. Featuring looming clouds, fearsome winds, bolts of lightning, and seemingly impossible color combinations, it’s nothing short of stunning:

Over the course of his travels, Olbinski captured an incredible 90,000 timelapses using nothing more than a Canon 5DSR and a handful of lenses. With the help of Lightroom, After Effects, and Premiere Pro, he managed to whittle down hours of exploration into less than eight minutes. Nevertheless, the piece still manages to encapsulate the journey Olbinski went through simply to witness these incredible moments. Barren deserts and sprawling fields alike are illuminated with brilliant blues, greens, purples, and reds as the sky flows across the composition like liquid.

Sometimes images can communicate where words fail. This powerful short is an example of just that. See for yourself some of the brilliant scenes this film manages to bring to life:

pursuit timelapse

storm chasing timelapse

photographer chases storms

timelapse of extreme weather

“And that’s why this film is called ‘Pursuit.’ Because you can’t give up. Keep chasing, keep pursuing. Whatever it is. That’s the only way to get what you want.”

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