Prominent Street Photographers Describe Their Favorite Shots

Street photographers are always on the lookout for that perfect candid shot. Being able to capture that favorite moment on the fly is an ability that every street photographer should possess. This video talks about street photographer’s favorite shots and the story behind it. It features Scott Schuman, Tommy Ton, Jonathan Daniel Pryce and a few other creative street photographers who share some insights into their work. They discuss and share a few pointers about what would comprise their favorite shot as a street photographer:

A few aspects worth choosing while doing street photography include –

  •  Posture of the subject
  •  Background details behind the subject
  •  Clothing and styling of the subject’s physical characteristics
  •  Capturing the subject in a moment
  •  Contrasting or conflicting details
  •  Creative details and the lighting surrounding the subject
  •  Understanding if the subject offers a unique personality worth capturing

A lot of factors play a role when doing street photography. Finding the right lighting, backdrops and an interesting subject are critical! Being present at the right moment also is critical. And above all running one’s imagination and creative abilities to perfection is what makes a street photographer stand out.

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