See a Professional Photographer’s Workflow in Adobe Lightroom

The life of a professional photographer can be strenuous at times. Photo shoots often consist of hundreds to thousands of photographs that need to be sorted through and processed. Nick Fancher, a professional photographer, has perfected his Lightroom workflow specifically for processing several images at once. In the following video Nick demonstrates how he easily sorts through hundreds of images quickly:

Nick utilizes the review system to sort through images, quickly scrolling though the pictures and pressing the right bracket key to give the images he wants to process one star. Afterward, he views only the starred photos and narrows the list even further.

Once the images have been narrowed down, he takes notice of the different types of lighting in each photo and edits the first image of each set. He then copies the settings he used for each finished photo and uses them as a starting point for each remaining image; tweaking the settings slightly each time.

professional photographer adobe photoshop lightroom workflow nick fancher

He develops a theme by working with similar photo settings, but gives each individual photograph the attention to detail it needs (Via Fstoppers). By working through the images in this way he speeds up the process of sorting through and editing photos significantly.

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One response to “See a Professional Photographer’s Workflow in Adobe Lightroom”

  1. HeruLS says:

    Hmmm, nice tutorial. But I really think workflow is like personality, one not really fit to another. Different photographer, different workflow.

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