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Renowned fashion photographer, Rob Van Petten, recently teamed up with Nikon to make a promo spot for the company’s D800 DSLR, which Van Petten argues, will rival any large format camera he’s shot with. At a whopping 36 MP, that claim is no surprise! And while taking the D800 on a virtual test drive is pretty sweet, some of the tips Van Petten offers budding fashion photographers are pretty helpful, too. Take a look at the video, then we’ll discuss some of the finer points of Van Petten’s fashion photography theory:

Besides the uncontrollable urge to rush out and order a Nikon D800, we also picked up on some of Van Pettens methodology:

  • Start by developing your own personal style. Your personal style should come from your own fantasy and heart.
  • Create a scenario outside of the frame to give viewers the suggestion of something going on to create action and engage interest.
  • Use lighting to create mood in your photographs.
  • The combination of action, or motion, and mood in a photograph should create an emotion that the audience can relate to.
fashion photography

Insights from a Fashion Photographer

Fashion photography, he says, is essentially selling a product. The key to success is being able to engage the audience.

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  1. Very nice summery )) I like those advises although I’m not impressed much with Van Pettens’s photography shown in this video bit… I think he can do better…

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