Product Photography: How to Build a Set and Light the Scene

There are many factors that you need to consider when doing product photography. It’s not only about taking a photograph of the product. There’s much more to it. While proper lighting and capturing the intricate details are main requirements, it’s also very important that you add value to the shoot by showcasing the product being used or by adding other elements in the frame that complement the product. In this video, photographer Jeannette Villarreal Hamilton shows you how you can build a set, light a set, and then take some awesome photos of products, hers being a Sabretooth figurine:

As you can see in the video, Hamilton has an interesting approach to start photographing the product. She starts off with building an environment that’s best-suited for her product. However, while doing so, she says it’s also important to keep in mind not to overdo it with the environment. Otherwise, it can get distracting and the viewers’ attention may drift away from the main product.

“For product photography, we don’t want any distracting elements to make the piece (the product) look a little too busy.”

Once the environment is all set, you can then work on the composition and lighting best suited for the product and the mood that you’re going for. In product photography, it’s essential to remember that you have the product well lit. Also, ensure that the lighting is not too dramatic. The important features of the product should not be left out.

The same concept applies to the depth-of-field. Using an aperture value with a very shallow depth of field can cause loss of details. Set your aperture to a value that rightly captures the intricate details of your product.

What’s your favorite tip for great product photography?

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    Great video! Very informative!

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