Pro Posing Tips for Wedding Photography

Have you ever admired wedding photography where the couple looks relaxed and happy, gazing into each other’s eyes like there’s no one else in the world? Maybe you think the photographer was just lucky to capture a special moment. Think again—and give the photographer a little credit. While weddings are naturally romantic occasions, wedding photographer Jasmine Star reveals that there’s art and strategy to posing intimate, natural-looking photos:

3 Posing Tips for Weddings

1. Stand close to your subjects.

This gives the illusion that you’re peeking into a private, personal moment.

wedding photographer on a shoot

wedding photo, bride and groom kissing

2. Make sure the couple is touching.

This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to overlook during a busy shoot. When a couple is touching—perhaps holding hands or leaning against each other—in a way that looks natural, it gives a visible expression to their connection with and love for each other.

outdoor wedding photography

3. Crop creatively.

While setting up your shots, try to keep in the back of your mind that the couple may want various sized prints of the photo, which may require some cropping. It’s a smart idea to leave extra space in the composition so you don’t have to crop out anything important. But don’t let this consideration keep you from framing and cropping creative compositions or unusual perspectives.

creative wedding photography

“Being a wedding photographer, you might think that our job was filled with our clients looking lovingly at each other, or soft, gentle touches, or even sincere glances across the room. And while I’m sure it does happen throughout the day, it’s not necessarily that it happens continuously when you’re working with the bride and groom. The last thing I want when I’m working with my couples is for it to feel forced.”

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