Portrait Photography Lighting at Sunset

Using the bright setting sun as a backlight can be intimidating for some photographers when shooting portraits outdoors, but it’s not impossible to get some great shots out of it. Check out the video below for some useful tricks and tips on shooting portraits at sunset, including how to use a xenon flashlight to create a warm, complementary light to accent faces. Have a look:

In the picture below, the photographer used his xenon flashlight as a directional light to increase the depth of the outdoor portrait, adding separation between the models dark dress and the dark background.

shooting at night

 “When the light starts to fade and you’re losing control of it, this is the time to start experimenting. This is my time to play.”

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One response to “Portrait Photography Lighting at Sunset”

  1. Shooter Boone says:

    I read PC about every day, and think it is well done indeed.
    I must say, as a professional photographer, this is one of the best videos I have seen on this subject matter. I do a lot of this type of work, and I am constantly learning. When you think you have learned enough about photography, it is time to re-evaluate your style. I must say, that this video is a very good presentation, and filled with very good tips for anyone. I myself, picked up a few tips. After 40+ years in the Art, I am still thirsty for ideas and this video is full of them.
    William G. Blose a/k/a Shooter Boone

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