Portrait of a Photographer: Short Film

Film editor and director Logan Kelsey’s short profile film on landscape photographer Marty Knapp is a stunning look into the man behind the lens. The video begins as Knapp explains his process of making a photograph, which hinges on evocative light:

“By removing the color, something happens. We start paying attention to the lines, the shapes, the textures of things,” he says.

Knapp has been photographing the beautiful landscapes of Northern California, as well as the surrounding areas near Point Reyes for over 25 years now. His images have been featured in numerous publications including The World’s Top Photographers: Landscape by Terry Hope; Gifts of the Spirit, Kaufman & Zaleski, 1997; and The Natural History of the Point Reyes Peninsula, Jules Evens, 1994.

point reyes seashorelush green point reyes landscape

Included in the video are clips of The Great Beach (Point Reyes), Tomales Bay, Point Reyes Lighthouse, Drakes Beach, Chimney Rock and Wetlands Barn, which is near Knapp’s family home.

Fun Fact:

As they were driving through Inverness, Kelsey and Knapp both pointed out the same childhood home. Apparently, they had lived in the very same house at different times! Who would have thought?

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