Polar Bear Photography

As any wildlife photographer can tell you a large part of their job is waiting and hoping the right opportunity presents itself. There was no exception to that rule when wildlife photographer, Florian Schulz, travelled to the frozen Arctic with a film crew while making the environmental documentary, To The Arctic 3D.

As you can see, there’s a lot of finger-crossing involved which inevitably creates a roller coaster ride of emotion. Just when Schulz thought he missed his opportunity due to a malfunction camera, he came across this sole image of a polar bear hiding in the memory card of his camera.

polar bear

Cover Photo!

His excitement with the capture nearly moved Schulz to tears and rightly so.

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2 responses to “Polar Bear Photography”

  1. Deb Buchanan says:

    Beautiful footage!! The capture shows a perfect photo of Nature…Good Job!

  2. lynn says:

    Absolutely AWESOME! Thank you so much P.C. for posting this on your site.
    I will make certain that I send this link around and See the movie as well.
    Again, AWESOME and Congrats to Florian. It’s such a relief when all is not
    lost during a photo project.

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