Play with Your Food: The Creation of a Foodscape

It’s not every day you witness a truck driving through rolling bacon hillsides dotted with artichoke trees. Or set against a backdrop of frosted chocolate mountains and wafer-clad roads. Through the power of photography, the delectable scenes—both literally and figuratively—are brought to life.

A lot of effort goes into the making of each miniature foodscape. After extensive planning, the team gets down to business, building the project on a Styrofoam base. The larger elements are mapped out with thin line paper and tape. Slowly, the team builds up the scene, piece by piece, vegetable by vegetable.

Using a rather intricate studio lighting set up, the scenes are well lit and ready to be photographed.

The final images are created by merging several photos of the scene, followed by some pretty heavy post-production. The product is a feast for the eyes.

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