Photoshop Timelapse: Car Photography Manipulation

Photographers are often drawn to the camera for its power to freeze the world for a moment and capture things exactly as they are. But, with technical innovations in the form of editing software, photographers have been granted the power to build new worlds entirely. Danish photographer Sebastian Pichard usually sticks to capturing sleek sports cars for a living, but in a spurt of creativity, he decided to record his imagination at play:

With some time on his hands and an almost unlimited bank of images at his disposal, Pichard transported an F-Type car parked in front of a dilapidated building and transported it to a picturesque meadow overlooking an epic mountain range. By simply looking at the finished product, it’s almost impossible to tell that there’s been any manipulation at all. However, when each individual step is sped up, it’s clear that everything from the pristine blue sky to individual patches of grass has been carefully selected, placed, and blended to make something truly authentic looking.

editing details in photoshop

There’s an important lesson to be learned from this short and sweet clip. If there’s something that you absolutely love about an image—even if the composition, lighting, or setting is a bit off—hang onto it. With an open mind and access to editing software, it’s possible to create something entirely new with even the smallest of jumping off points.

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