Photography Lighting Accessories

The use of proper lighting in taking photos is important. It enables you to take clearer images that you can be proud of, particularly in an environment where light is low. But to achieve your goal, you need the right accessories for your camera.

pet photography

“Orinco Cat” captured by Luís Ferreira and lit using a softbox

Hotshoe Flashes

The basic accessory is the hotshoe flash. A flash can be the built-in type or a stand-alone. Compact point and shoot cameras normally have a built-in flash, but for those who are serious about photography, using a stand-alone flash is essential.

photography reflectors

“Model Testing Reflectors” captured by Mike Opinia and lit using reflectors

Flash units vary today. There are now the lightweight, portable types capable of providing speed light. There are also units that can be controlled remotely. Regardless, one thing that you need to make sure of is getting one that’s compatible with your camera.

If you use a flash unit, you will also need a hotshoe adapter. This connects the sync cord of the flash to your camera.

LED Lights

An innovative lighting accessory you can also use is the CameraBright continuous LED light. This product can be connected to the tripod mount of any brand of camera or even a camcorder. It gets rid of the red-eye effect and achieves well-lit images even in the dimmest of lighting conditions.


There’s also the reflector/diffuser ideally used in the studio. This tool works by serving as a fill light substitute for portrait photography. Reflectors come in several different sizes and with many options for the reflective surface: white, silver, gold, etc.


Another accessory you might want to consider is the softbox. This is normally lightweight with a wire frame and diffusion fabric. It can be set up in just a few minutes. It should come with a flash mounting bracket that can accommodate speed lights.

outdoor photography lighting

“A Joe McNally Photo Style” captured by Alex Fuentes and lit using a speedlight with softbox


Did you know that you can use an umbrella in photography? Experienced photographers, particularly the old-timers, depend on the silver umbrella to achieve softer light while shooting. You can get the same effect by using white translucent umbrellas.

Depending on the kind of photography you’re engaged in, there are different lighting accessories you can use to improve your images.

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