Photographing the Growth of Children

It’s no secret that children grow up in the blink of an eye. And while photographing your children is nothing new, a few creative photographers have taken a slightly different approach to documenting their children’s growth. Though a relatively common practice, the image below, which combines pictures taken of the same boy in the same location, quickly shows us just how much change takes place throughout the course of a school year.

documenting child growth

Creative Photo-a-Year Techniques

Mark Stead decided to step things up a notch with the birth of his daughter by morphing 71 different photographs of her together to create a nearly three minute long video that seamlessly shows the transition from birth through the toddler years using special morph software.

Frans Hofmeester shows some real dedication in a project similar to Steads, but one which spans from birth all the way through to his daughter’s 12th birthday. One other thing that sets Hofmeester’s video apart from the others is that instead of using still photographs, he used actual video clips that he mashed together. Hofmeester does a great job of making sure all of the video is taken in such a similar way that they blend together easily, which makes for easier viewing. Have a look here:

Does all this talk about documenting the growth of children ring a bell? We covered a similar video earlier this year of an especially well executed timelapse made by two expecting parents. Time Lapse of a Pregnancy covers the 9-month span of a pregnancy, documenting the growth of not just the child in this case, but also the mother-to-be.

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