Photographer Spends Over 1000 Hours on Timelapse Through Europe

With so many cameras adding in features for timelapse photography, it’s no surprise that many people assume it’s an easy skill to just pick up and shoot. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Like many forms of photography, shooting timelapse requires enormous amounts of patience. For instance, the timelapse movie Patience was captured by professional timelapse photographer Paul Richardson using over 300,000 images, and it took him more than 1,000 hours:

When working in timelapse photography you have to use forward thinking and be prepared to make as many attempts as necessary to get the details just right—not just for your photo, but for the overall movie you’re creating. These shots aren’t always easy. Richardson stated in his caption:

“… the milkyway shot at 1:23 was the result of a four day shoot chasing the milkway in Wales. I stayed up every night, driving around trying to find clear patches in the night sky. But in four days all I managed to capture was a sequence of 50 images.”

bridge timelapse photography Europe

One of over 300,000 images used to create the 2:21 second timelapse movie.

To make the timelapse, Richardson used a combination of the Canon 6D, 7D, and 5D III cameras with a variety of L lenses. The motion control images were taken using an Emotimo (motion controlled camera robot).

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