Photo Project “Ether” Bridges the Gap Between Photographer and Stranger

San Francisco based photographer Joe Aguirre doesn’t think of himself as a storyteller, but his photos definitely give us an intimate look into his life, travels, and the lives of the people he meets along the way. He says a poem would be the best thing to compare his work to, and judging by this beautiful short documentary about him, he’s right. “Ether” is an honest narrative of Aguirre’s philosophies on human connection and art, and how he uses photography to capture himself in other people, places, and things:

In the summer of 2015, Aguirre traveled to Vejle, Denmark to take photographs for a book called “Ether”:

“Ether is the quiet moments in between. The times you look out the passenger side window and see something only you will know. The silence in bed when you don’t know how to say you’re sorry to the one you love… Ether is not being able to shake off a dream.”

Cinematographer Jonas Normann filmed Aguirre during his trip for this short documentary piece. The film follows Aguirre as he goes into the homes of some pretty unique, strong, and beautiful people and, using his Leica M6, takes intimate shots of these strangers, telling their personal stories.

personal story photo

The film was shot on a Sony FS7 with Canon L and Leica M lenses. “Ether” is a lovely film about the poetic photographer and the way he connects to the people around him.

photographing strangers

“There’s something kismet in the way a camera bridges the divide between stranger and photographer.”

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