Paris vs. New York: A Two-Sided Timelapse

Paris and New York. Two of the most diverse, extravagant, and loved cities in the world. There are similar workings and patterns between all big cities, but when compared side by side we notice the beauty and uniqueness of each:

Franck Matellini, more commonly known as Matel on the web, is the brain behind this well-executed diptych timelapse. The Parisian director and filmmaker wanted to compare and contrast these ‘perfect strangers’ of cities, capturing the pre-planned footage on his Canon 5D Mark III.

new york paris similarities timelapse
new york paris diptych

“What you cannot deny is the vibrancy and explosion of character each city has and I thought split-screen with timelapse would be a good way to help convey this … Telling a story through images is what I’m truly passionate about. I enjoy experimenting with different styles.”

new york paris timelapse side by side
new york paris timelapse diptych
new york vs paris timelapse

Matellini’s second passion comes in the form of travel. He jumps at any chance to be jet set. Matellini partnered with OpenSkies as a way to help fund his journey on the way to create a little piece of captivating timelapse art.

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