Paris France Captured in Timelapse Photography

In the following video, which combines both timelapse and stop motion photography techniques, Mayeul Akpovi enchants viewers with images from around Paris, showing the reason behind the city’s appropriate moniker, The City of Light. Compiled from thousands of still images captured throughout Paris, each individual photograph was carefully edited together in post to create the two-minute long tour. Take a look at Akpovi’s work here:

To capture the shots during the day, Akpovi used four different shutter speeds which varied from 1/100, 1/60, 1 or 2 seconds. For the night exposures, like the following images, he says he increased his exposure time up to 5 seconds. Here is Part II:

The changing weather, Akpovi explained, had a sizable influence on the camera settings. And finally, here is Part III:

Paris is definitely on my list of places to visit now.

stop motion photography

If you’re wondering how he managed to stabilize those incredible moving sequences, it appears the magic lies in Adobe After Effects:

Thinking about making a timelapse of your own? In addition to the tripod he used to capture some of the moving scenes, here is the equipment Akpovi used to capture Paris In Motion:

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2 responses to “Paris France Captured in Timelapse Photography”

  1. flashfs says:

    Nice to share the before and after

  2. Martin says:

    Very cool. Watching the first video I was wondering how on earth you managed to capture the stills, a massive track that you kept taking bits off the back to add to the front, how did you avoid the people and how did the camera remain level to keep the frames so smooth!!

    I can appreciate the time and commitment that went into this, Bravo! Great work!

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