Overcoming Challenges on Landscape Photography Trips

A lot of hardcore landscape photographers get into the habit of chasing light. In order to get that perfect morning or evening light, they end up leaving their homes and traveling to unknown places at the oddest hours. Also, landscape photography often changes us into constant travelers who go to distinct places around the world to take photos. While these are all a part of the photography process, sometimes things can take an unexpected turn – especially when you aren’t familiar with the place that you’re heading to. In today’s interesting video, the team from Fototripper share their adventurous journey as they took a wrong turn during their landscape photography trip:

This is an insightful vlog from when the team headed to Vancouver Island for a photography trip. While there are lots of fun bits in the video, photographer Gavin Hardcastle also shares his insights on how he plans to take his photographs. Basically, he talks about the thought process behind his decisions regarding his photos. This is really helpful as we can definitely learn a lot just seeing how a professional works on the field.

An important lesson to take from this video is how there will always be challenges no matter how much you plan. Towards the end, you can see how they got up extra early to hike all the way up the hill. But alas, Mother Nature had some other plans for them. The thick clouds and fog meant that they could’t get what they were hoping for. But what Hardcastle does is something we can learn from. He makes the best use of the situation and utilizes the time to take some detail shots.

If you’re planning a photography trip and want a glimpse of things that could go wrong, we highly recommend that you watch the complete video. It just might give you the heads up you need to make your trip much more worthwhile!

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