Ordinary Americans Photographed With 7 Days’ Worth of Their Own Trash

Here’s an attention grabbing album of photographs that not only tell a story but also help bring awareness to a serious environmental issue. Gregg Segal’s “7 Days Of Garbage” project illustrates modern households lying in piles and pools of the trash they accumulated over the course of a week:

The images were taken in Segal’s backyard in California, where he hand built the sets for the portraits. He hopes to continue the project by expanding his variety of sets from forest floors and beaches to other natural environments to illustrate how growing landfills threaten many parts of the world.

What would a portrait of you with a week of your trash look like?

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One response to “Ordinary Americans Photographed With 7 Days’ Worth of Their Own Trash”

  1. Nesswelham says:

    Actually most of the garbage was paper stuff that you get in the mailbox,generally unsolicited,excessive amounts of packaging stuff…again that we are more or less powerless to control and food wrappers from fast food joints. Again that is how it comes.
    So this photo essay serves nothing as far as I am concerned. Are these people going to take it up with the perpetrators..maybe they should. They probably will not.
    Waste of time.

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