One and a Half Years of Fog in 90 Seconds

Landscape photography, despite the supreme challenges that it poses, is often the first subject of interest picked up by budding photographers. There’s so much of it all around us that it’s no wonder. These days with improved digital cameras, timelapses have become a major obsession for landscape photographers. Danny MacRostie is one such photographer, and this is his first attempt:

Mount Tamalpais is a sub-thousander just north of San Francisco, CA. When the conditions are right the mountain offers some splendid foggy mornings, an ideal scenario for shooting timelapse footage—something that MacRostie has spent the last 18 months doing.

On many an occasion he would wake up at 4 AM, drive 45 minutes, and then hike with his gear for 30 minutes up the mountain to catch the morning light. He would often run home from work and repeat the drill in the afternoons to catch the sunset.

Mount Tamalpais foggy time-lapse

One and a half years of shooting foggy sunrises and sunsets—MacRostie thought that was the difficult part. Until he was faced with the reality of post-processing the huge number of images he shot.

Mount Tamalpais
time-lapse example
Danny MacRostie, Mount Tamalpais

But now that he’s done, we can enjoy and admire his work.

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