Official Timelapse of One World Trade Center’s 11-Year Construction Process

With the evolution of technology in photography, we’ve come to a point in time when we can not only see when an object was created, but its whole creation might be captured on film for posterity. In the case of the video below, the object is the One World Trade Center building, and its construction has been captured in this stunning timelapse:

The video starts off in October 2004, when the first step of the building process started on the ground where the Twin Towers once stood. It then takes us on a 11 year trip as the building gets bigger and bigger, one step closer to the finished structure.

time lapse of one world trade center building

One World Trade Center as it looks today.

While the precise technical details have not been made available, we do know that the number of photos that went into this movie was somewhere in the hundreds of thousands (wow!).

Along the years I’ve seen hundreds of different timelapse videos, but I think this one has had the biggest impact on me, if only for the enormous timescale that it manages to include (over a decade!) in just around two minutes of video. What do you think, does this rank among your favorites?

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